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As you age and your weight shifts, your arms may develop a saggy appearance. All the biceps curls and triceps extensions you can do won’t remove the extra skin and fat pockets in the arms. Consult Christopher Jones MD PC in Indianapolis, Indiana, to see if you’re a candidate for brachioplasty.

Upper Arm Lift

What results can I expect from a brachioplasty?

An upper arm lift tightens the area that droops downward, particularly on the underside of the arm. The reduction in excess skin gives a natural, tighter, and smoother look to your arms. A brachioplasty also addresses the underlying tissue that provides support for your skin, so that you have a naturally defined shape. Any localized pockets of fat in the region may also be removed.

Who is a candidate for an upper arm lift?

Dr. Jones can work with most skin types and body shapes. If you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, with bariatric surgery or other means, you’ll definitely benefit from an arm lift. If you’ve tried for years to slim the area with exercise no to avail, talk to Dr. Jones about what results you can expect from the surgery.  You do need to be at a relatively stable weight or near your goal weight. Your overall health must be good to allow you to heal after surgery. An ongoing smoking habit will disqualify a patient for brachioplasty.

What can I expect during and after the procedure?

The surgery requires general anesthesia. An incision is made from the armpit to the elbow on the inner aspect of the arm. Often, Dr. Jones will remove excess in the armpit and down the side of the chest as well if the patient so desires. The tissue layers are tightened individually with dissolving sutures. The skin is closed with dissolvable sutures as well.

What is recovery like?

Your arms will be wrapped to reduce swelling. You will not have drains. You may shower or bathe the next day. The wounds are not very painful. Dr. Jones and his staff will teach you how to massage your scars at your first postoperative visit.