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When stubborn pockets of fatty tissue resist diet and exercise, and when liposuction surgery is simply too drastic for your lingering rolls, Cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Jones of Indianapolis, Indiana, turns to CoolSculpting® to reshape love handles, abdominal areas, and double-chins. Call today to find out if CoolSculpting is right for you.



Two Harvard pediatricians discovered that their young patients who enjoyed popsicles also got atrophy or shrinking of their cheek fat. Coolsculpting works by cooling the desired fatty area down to just above freezing, a temperature that does not harm other tissues, but gradually kills fat cells. Each area takes 30 to 45 minutes to treat. There is no pain, disability, or downtime. Areas commonly treated are the double chin, back, abdomen, love handles, and muffin top.

6 Things to know Before Considering Coolsculpting

1. Are you a good candidate?
2. Coolsculpting is NOT for weight loss or Obesity.
3. Coolsculpting University Certified
4. Does the Clinic have the Coolsculpting Applicator you need
5. Coolsculpting Cost
6. Beware of Imitations and Conterfeit Machines


1. Our practice is one of the only practices to have ALL technicians to have successfully completed Coolsculpting University- a world renowned training on the most updated CS protocols and techniques.
2. We are a certified practice.
3. We offer complimentary consultations to see if Coolsculpting is right for you.
4. We offer 0% 12 month no interest financing!
5. We have hours to accommodate busy schedules