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At Christopher Jones M.D., we believe that the healing experience must be continually improved with an eye towards validation, relaxation, and affirmation. Massage has long been an important part of our postoperative healing regimen, but it just got even more important. While we still require the help of professional massage therapists for special challenges, we now have the Infinity Massage Chair in our downtown office. Whether you are healing from an elective procedure, or had a long day, or just woke up stiff and sore, our 21 function 3-d massage chair will turn it around. Choose from 10, 20, or 30 minute sessions, this device massages not only the neck and back, but continues to the buttocks and thighs, and onto the arms, hands, calves and feet! Bluetooth enabled music and low lighting will complete the therapeutic experience. Come and try it out at our introductory price of a dollar a minute and you may make massage a regular part of your workday downtown.

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