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We Are All Artists

After 28 years of practicing plastic surgery, I have lost count of the number of times a patient told me that I am an artist. While I thanked them for the compliment, I could not believe, or accept it...

Apr 19th, 2017

Patient information on Botox and other similar toxins

Apr 11th, 2017
Overdone or Subtle?

When most of us see facial cosmetic surgery results that we judge as poor, we often see “overdone” as the problem.

Apr 11th, 2017
How Can My Backside Be Improved?

These relatively new procedures of buttock lifting and augmentation now harmonize nicely with the ones with which most of us are already familiar.

Apr 11th, 2017
Injectable Facial Fillers

Injectable fillers of some type have been available since the use of bovine collagen in the mid 80’s. Many technical refinements have resulted in a spectrum of chemical substances with different properties and indications.

Apr 11th, 2017