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Upper Blepharoplasty

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Frequently asked questions

An upper eyelid operation removes extra skin so that the eyelashes and upper-lid have a pleasing contour. A lower eyelid operation smoothes out the skin and fat so that there is a pleasing curve from the cheek to the lower eyelashes, improving the baggy contour that was there previously. Consult with Dr. Jones to discuss procedures that would complement your eyelid lift.

Anyone who is able to describe the problem with their eyelids is a good candidate for this surgery. A full consultation with Dr. Jones will help frame your expectations for the surgery.

This is not a generally a painful procedure. The upper eyelids can be easily done under local anesthesia in office. The lower eyelids may require general anesthesia to do the surgery properly. The sutures are invisible. Minor swelling and bruising will be gone in 10-14 days.

Dr. Jones can turn back the clock, but he cannot stop the clock. The effects of eyelid operations are permanent but continued aging can be slowed by good skincare. Ask Dr. Jones how he can help.

A face and neck lift can help you if you’re self-conscious about the way you’re aging. You may also consider a facelift if you look older than you feel or an aged appearance is negatively affecting self-esteem. An ongoing smoking habit will disqualify a patient for a facelift.


Depending on the extent of the work done on your face or neck, expect to recover in about 2 weeks. Heavy exercise may need to be put on hold for a month or longer.

Any bruising and swelling resulting from the surgery should resolve considerably in 10-14 days. You’ll need to carefully protect your face from the sun post surgery. Dr. Jones will let you know when it’s acceptable to wear makeup again.

You can’t stop aging, but a face and neck lift can set back the clock. You will look far younger than you would if you didn’t have the surgery. To preserve your results for longer, maintain a healthy weight and keep up a regular skin care regimen that fights aging. Continued vigilance about sun exposure is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy.

Our clients say

Dr. Jones did an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) on me. I am thrilled with the results, it is better than I had anticipated. I love the staff, they are so welcoming and down to Earth. Taylor did my CoolSculpting as well as filler and Botox and I’m so happy with the results! Anna did my IPL treatments, dermal planing, and chemical peel. She is an absolute doll and does such a great job. Allison, Quinn, and Beth are sweethearts and are so accommodating. I just love everyone at Christopher Jones, MD, they made this farm girl feel and look beautiful at 51!
Stephanie D.
Dr. Christopher Jones and his whole team are absolutely amazing! Beth is amazing! They make you feel so comfortable and completely help you through the whole process not to mention the results are amazing! Thank you for making me feel normal again in my own skin. This is a normalization surgery not cosmetic we’re dr. Jones’ words and he could not be more correct. He is so compassionate is his work and really makes you feel at home. Thank you guys so much. I highly recommend for all of your procedures. He will take care of you as if you were his own family.
Jasmine W.
I recently came to dr. Jones for cheek and lip filler. I had been getting filler from different people for years and year before deciding to dissolve everything I had in my face to try to achieve a more natural look. I originally came in for tear trough and lip filler but after some education, we decided cheeks and lips would be the right move to achieve the look that I had wanted. Thank you so much to you and your staff for making me look and feel as beautiful as I can be! Can’t wait for my next visit.
Taylor B.
Dr. Jones made me feel so confident and 100% sure about my decision to get an "upgrade." He was knowledgeable about how women feel after child birth and how to make someone feel good about themselves again. He included my husband in all the conversation and never made him feel left out on any decision making. He was compassionate and caring throughout the whole consultation. HES AMAZING!
Lauren M.
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