Winter Surgery with the Best Plastic Surgeon Indianapolis

Benefits of Surgery in the Winter with the Best Plastic Surgeon Indianapolis

Both men and women look to plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. However, the bottom-line reason for many cases is to boost self-confidence by enhancing or defining their silhouette which is a speciality of Dr. Christopher Jones, Best Plastic Surgeon Indianapolis.

Best Plastic Surgeon IndianapolisMany patients associate their desire for plastic surgery with the warmer months during the summer. This is a time where they can sport their brand-new body in a swimsuit like they never could before. However, plastic surgery is a multi-step process that requires prep and recovery time. There is pre-planning, day of surgery planning, followed by a recovery period that could span across a couple of weeks into several months.

We want to help you ensure that your recovery period is over before the snow starts to melt, giving you time to heal. We want you to live out your best life putting your best body forward. We want to you only the best part of you.

Swelling Goes Down

After any trauma to the body, swelling can be present for quite some time. The majority of the swelling goes away after a couple of weeks, but the rest can linger around for several months after. However, with the Best Plastic Surgeon Indianapolis, Dr. Christopher Jones, once the swelling goes down and the scars fade, you will get you to show off your best body yet!

Call today to plan your surgical procedure before the summer months arrive with the Best Plastic Surgeon Indianapolis, Dr. Christopher Jones.

Scars Fade

Scarring is an inevitable factor in any type of surgery and is usually always at its peak initially after the procedure. Even after the wounds have healed, some scars remain. 

When patients elect to have plastic surgery procedures done in the wintertime, they are giving the scare plenty of time to heal and begin to fade before the summertime. 

With any plastic surgery, we recommend follow up with one of our incredible licensed aestheticians for a laser treatment to even further fade the appearance of scars. Additionally, we offer products such as Biocorneum, which is applied topically to make the scars almost nonexistent for the upcoming days at the lake or beach. 

Best Plastic Surgeon IndianapolisWhile it can take years for all of the discolorations to fade, we want to provide you all of the tools to assist during the process. 

This time is particularly advantageous for surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentations, liposuction, and fat grafting.

Easier to Conceal

The winter layers allow for the concealment of your recovery effects after you have been cleared by our surgeon, Dr. Christopher Jones, to go back to your normal activities. Loose sweaters with coats and scarves allow you to hide the treatment area until you feel confident enough to show off your results.

Start Your Journey Today, Indianapolis

If you think surgery might be the next right move for you, be sure to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Jones. Not in Indianapolis? You can use the ASPS Referral Service to find an ASPS member surgeon in your area.

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