Coolsculpting Indianapolis – Patient Journey with Jen

The following post was written by the patient, Jen, with her permission. The original blog post can be found on her personal blog here.

When 2020 started, I was so motivated to lose weight and look good. I fclt good, so I wanted the world to see it too. I did great for a solid three months, with self-motivation, then a pandemic hit & so did my desire to be unhealthy to my body. Luckily for me, Christopher Jones M.D. and I decided to work together, and that was my saving grace! (My procedure was complimentary, in exchange for social media postings and this blog. I did not pay for my services but do 100% give my honest opinions.)

So, let’s get REAL. I didn’t know about Coolsculpting, and when you read about it, you think it’s too good to be true. How can they just freeze the fat off of you? I was skeptical too.

But, I’m here, with ANSWERS. I’m telling you all about Coolsculpting, costs, procedure, etc. And showing you my before & after photos!!!!

First things first. You can refer to THIS WEBSITE for any and all information about Coolsculpting, Christopher Jones M.D., or any other cosmetic needs you may have.

So, Coolsculpting. The easiest way to describe it in one sentence is that it’s “non-invasive lipo”. Essentially, the procedure takes your body’s fatty cells to just below freezing, which gradually kills them off. Unlike lipo, this is not a “quick results” type of procedure. In fact, I sent a message prior to my second session because I was nervous that there was going to be no progress shown.

Wait until you see my pictures.

There have been three things that have been asked in regards to my personal experience, over and over, and I’m going to share them with you to get a better feel on if this is the right procedure for you…

1. Cost

Cost is going to vary, based on the number of sessions and locations you do on your body… The average cost is around $750 per unit. (I did six units) While that seems expensive, Coolsculpting often has discounts and deals, and you can easily work it around being able to afford it.

2. Recovery / Pain

My recovery time was approximately three minutes, and it was just taking the big vacuum-looking thing off of my stomach, doing the massage, and throwing on a shirt so I could walk out to the car. It doesn’t have any recovery time that is going to take you away from work or life, and it was fantastic.

As for pain, the first couple of minutes sucks (as seen below), but after your nerves stop firing, you’re able to just relax and feel a little bit cold!

3. The Procedure

When you’re in the office, they take your before pictures first, and kinda talk through how everything will go. Make sure you take a good look at those before pictures because you can say GOODBYE to that body. After that, you go into the room and the fun begins. You get all marked up, so they put the machine in the right spots, then you get comfy on the bed, and you are ready to freeze the fat away. (Side Note: Skin will be exposed, and this is very cold. It only lasted about an hour before I had to wrap up in a big sweatshirt. If you’re cold all the time like me, just know that you’ll probably want to wear something warm to put on top of you while you lay there.)

They put a gel pad on you, and then very carefully attach what I like to call “the vacuum”. They prop it up with a pillow, and the cycle has started. Each cycle is roughly 30 minutes, give or take, based on the size of the machine. Here comes the honesty… The first three minutes is rough, I’m not lying. Your nerve endings are all firing repeatedly screaming “EMERGENCY”, and then all of a sudden “poof” and you feel nothing except for a little cold. It’s not painful, as much as a constant annoyance, and feeling like you’re in a freezer. I mean, I did it six times, and twice, and I survived.

Once the time has elapsed, they massage you for a couple of minutes to move around the cells and keep things dying off inside of you. Maybe it was because mine was my stomach and I’m ticklish, but it was the most sensitive part of the whole experience. It isn’t painful, not like the first few minutes, it just is sensible.

Truthfully, that’s it. Then you go onto the next location on your body, and you repeat it until you’re finished.

I want to thank Brittany, the practice director, for setting this up for me. Anna, Taylor, and Alyson were amazing in helping with pictures, the procedure, and all of the follow up after. I mean, to be honest, I’d love to hire Anna to be a personal hype man, because she was taking those after pictures for me and literally making me feel like a million dollars. Thank you to all of you, for all you’ve done for me!

The Results & Would I Recommend?

I think in general, Coolsculpting is an AMAZING non-invasive alternative to getting lipo. I do understand that if I had to pay for it, it would have taken much longer for me to be able to get the services done. Though I was in a time in my life where I was finally loving myself, so this only maximized my “look in the mirror”. It’s been a pretty wild ride this year, and Coolsculpting definitely added to it in the best way possible.

Would I do it again? Well, yes actually, I plan to. I’m going to maximize my partnership with Christopher Jones in the next few months, and we plan to layout a whole schedule of work and mostly non-invasive, including Coolsculpting, procedures.

I can’t wait to share more with you!

This is May 2020-July 2020. The first two months of progress with ONE Coolsculpting session!

Now, the good stuff…

Top is before- May 2020 Bottom is after- October 2020
I did not get Coolsculpting on my back ya’ll. LOOK at these results!
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